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Stéphanie Roy

Professionnal Triathlete - 70.3 Champion

Stephanie is a young Canadian (Quebec) professional triathlete who started racing as a Pro in 2016 while she was only 21 years old. She is now 23 and while she does not have a lot of experience on long distances, she already has a strong pedigree with 3 Pro victories and other podiums.
Alongside of being a Pro triathlete, she is a full-time university student hoping to become an occupational therapist. She will graduate from her master in 3 years. To be successful as a triathlete and student, she needs to be very disciplined, organized and committed. In the past years, she even promoted triathlon by involving herself in a local triathlon club. When given the opportunity, she likes to share her story and how she went from finishing last in her early years in triathlon, to winning Pro Ironman competitions.


Sportium triathlon team

Pamela-Ann Bachelder St-Pierre - David Lacombe - Simon Bernier-Lalonde - Isabelle Rouleau - Valérie Bélanger - Caroline St-Pierre

Bistro B team is composed of Quebec triathletes that are willing to compete on the long distance triathlon professionnal circuit. You will see them wearing the green jersey all over Quebec races as well as on the pro 70.3/Ironman races across the globe.

The Sportium team as chosen to use Rekarb as part of their fueling strategy during their races and trainings!

Patricia and Sylviane Puntous

Ironman world champions and marathoners

No need for presentation for those two triathlon icons that have been intronised to the triathlon Hall of Fame in 2003! You probably met them during one of your local race, always smiling, they are running lots of event throughout the province. Sylviane and Patricia fell in love with the fact that Rekarb is produced localy and is all natural. They also really appreciate the fact they don’t get their stomach upset like with other conventionnal energy products.

We are very proud to be associated with these two energic girls that have inspired many and will surely keep on inspiring generations to come!

Dominic Arpin

Runner - Triathlete - Radio/TV Animator - Blogger - Speaker

Dominic Arpin fell in a pot of maple syrup when he was young. Son of a sugar bush owner, he developed a passion for maple products that sometimes got close to obsession. When he first tried a Rekarb pouch, he felt like he could go to war against an army of Roman by himself, but he just kept on running instead. Since then, he never leaves for a run or train for triathlon without his Rekarb ration, a product that improves his performances as it provides him with a culinary orgasm at the same time.

But a question remains; does he train more so he can take more Rekarb, or does Rekarb ables him to train more?

It’s all natural that Dominic Arpin accepted to become a Rekarb ambassador, a local product that meets his expectations by being an healthy choice, full of energy and…flavor!

Patrice Godin

Ultramarathoner – Actor - Author

«On my 24 hour run at the Boucherville Parc des iles in last September (2015) Rekarb energy syrups have sustained me until the end.Generally, during an ultra-marathon, I give up on energy gels after 4 to 5 hours. My stomach and taste buds just can’t take anymore. I haven’t had this issue with Rekarb’s energy syrups.

It felt like I had for the first time, a perfectly carbs versus electrolytes balanced energy supplement, 100% natural and pleasant to consume. From now on, whether for a half-marathon, a marathon or an ultra of 160K and over, I will always have a good reserve of Rekarb’s energy syrups.

No need to worry anymore. I finally found my magic potion!»

Denis Hamel

Professionnal Hockey Player

Denis Hamel played more than a thousand games as a professional player, counting 192 games in the National Hockey league, with the Sabres, the Senators, the Trashers and the Flyers. Now retreated from the professional ranks, Denis is putting his talent to the use of fundraising events like the 25h hours of hockey challenge.

“In order to raise funds for the children in need, the 25h of hockey team is playing 25 games back to back against 25 different teams. Hydration and an appropriate nutrition have a key role to play for a successful event. Rekarb allows me to stay alight while giving me the necessary boost to stay competitive throughout all of the 25 games”. Denis Hamel.


Genevieve Asselin-Demers


2015 Montreal marathon winner.

«My wish to be an ambassador of a local company like Maple Fuel, that has a positive influence on the career of our home athletes has finally come true!»

It is a natural alternative to sustain my organism during long duration effort and it helps me to constantly push my limits further. High level athletes need to fuel up on healthy products. I am a fan of this quote:a healthy mind in a healthy body!

The human body is a fine machinery that needs to have an healthy diet in order to performRekarb’s energy syrups help me achieve my goals and many challenges I give myself.

I am proud to be part of the team, to represent Maple fuel and to put the products to the test in a harsh way!»

Mathieu Malouin alias «Mat Run»

Vegan Ultra-Marathoner

I care a lot for my nutrition. Gels wouldn’t fit my needs for many reasons. Rekarb is the best alternative for me and my diet; they’re all natural, they contain very few ingredients and are so efficient! I recommend them to all athletes of all ages!!

Lyne Bedard

Coach and runner

Runner and running certified coach in running; “Challenge Me to You 2015” coach, under the concept SOS Health.

«Infected instantly by running, a new way of life has taken place. A 180 degree turn that will have propelled me to an active and stimulating world.
I am a marathoner, passionate for nutrition, trail running, self-surpassing. My love for running is ever growing in me.

Obviously, mental, physical and nutrition preparation are essential and are a part of my daily routine. Ultra-marathons? Why not! Only a matter of time and training. 2016 is my target for a first try and I am paving the way! Since swimming and biking have made it to the training sessions, to go for triathlon was an evidence.

Certified running coach, I now work my way to help others find their passion for running and sports by explaining them the benefits for self-esteem and health. To train teams in a relay run between Montreal and Quebec has been a gratifying mission for me.

Maple fuel is an opportunity for me to help make known a local business that proposes a quality and efficient product. It is also a logical continuity between a natural sport nutrition, a healthy and active way of life and to go to the pursuit of my dreams.»

Gabrielle-Anne Désy

Obstacles course racer - 1st Canadian woman OCR World championships 2016

I use Rekarb as energy syrups during my races because they are efficient, they taste great and it’s a Canadian product. They give me the energy I need at the right time to help me get across any obstacles on the course! Their low protein content prevent me from getting cramps and I don’t have to carry electrolytes. I strongly recommend this product that I have been thoroughly testing!

Carole Fournier


What skills do you need to be able to become a long distance runner? Some will say a beard, a strong mind, thighs of steel and a lot of time to train. It’s in fact mainly true (besides the beard), but you also need good fuel.

I am an ultra-marathoner, ambassador of trail races like Pandora 24 and Gaspésie 100, yoga teacher and vegan since many years. So I can reach my goals and dreams, I only take quality products. Believe me I tried many things to satisfy my taste buds, my energy needs and especially my sensitive stomach, but in vain. I wish I had discovered Rekarb before my last 160km race at the Marathon des Sables in 2015.

I am proud to be ambassador of a Canadian company that offers a very high quality product. For me, Rekarb from Maple Fuel, is the ideal supplement for all kind of sports. On top of that, knowing I can put some on my oatmeal in the morning or give some to children without any preoccupation is really pleasing me! Whether you are an experienced or beginner, Rekarb will help you reach your goals!

Marie-Claude Molnar


2012 World cup champion

«When I prepare myself for competition, nothing is left aside. I know I need to procure myself the power, the strength and the speed I need during my trainings.
Each step is the result of the equation between technical calculations and what really happens on the road. I fuel up naturally, so when I need to, I use Rekarb!

Naturally from here, Rekarb’s products sustain me during my high intensity efforts where it counts the most. I am proud to be an ambassador of this local source of energy.
Completly natural, Rekarb causes no incomforts due to synthetic carbohydrate consumption…unless it’s so good you end up eating the packaging!

My favorite flavor? Cocoa!

Rebecca Beaumont

Mountain biker

1st place at the criterium Canada cup in Baie St-Paul 2015.

«Maple fuel is a local business that offers quality natural products made proudly from our national heritage that is maple syrup. That’s what charmed me at first.

Rekarb’s maple fuel products give me a healthy diet option for training and running, and also enhance my performances by giving me the last kick I need on the end of the course. They are easy and fast to swallow so I can breathe easily while running. They don’t stick in your mouth like gels and that helped me during the Appalachian Classic where I only took Rekarb’s energy syrups.

See for yourself when you’ll try it! They are undeniably the best sport nutrition products I know. What’s best than a maple taste in your mouth when your body don’t feel like cooperating anymore! I am proud to be associated with Maple Fuel as an ambassador.»

Patrick Billette


«I have been in the running business for 30 years now and also assistant coach of the Orange club running group since January 2010. I practice triathlon since then, cumulating many interesting performances in the past 6 last seasons, achieving many podiums in my age group and in general ranking.

When I discovered Rekarb’sproducts from Maple Fuel, I told myself; finally a liquid supplement that goes down well and that has the essential nutrients!

I always had a hard time trying to swallow the viscous kind of power gels. Those often gave me cramps and sickness. Rekarb’shas a very soft taste and is really efficient. You won’t mind taking supplements anymore!»